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Thematic Advertisements

These unique advertisements appear in the first section of the magazine. They allow advertisers to be a part of Marg’s commitment to supporting the arts in a visual, aesthetic form. For each issue of the magazine, Marg picks out an organization or individual working in the field of culture and visual arts, design and urban renewal and features them with a profile write-up as well as a portfolio of images. Should you choose to be a part of this section, your company’s logo will be placed below any one of the photographs in the portfolio. Advertisers in this section will join a list of eminent companies that have been regular patrons of Marg’s efforts towards promoting Indian art.

Commercial Advertisements

Commercial advertisements are standard advertisements that appear in the magazine after all the articles have appeared. These advertisements can appear as both full-page and half-page inserts. Among the many reasons to advertise with Marg is the quality of both the scholarship in the writing and the high quality of the illustrations used. The magazine enjoys a loyal readership and a very high reputation nationally and internationally, being read not only in the major cities, but also in remote towns in India and across 26 countries abroad. Marg magazine has a dedicated subscriber base worldwide and is also available through subscription agents in India and abroad and in leading bookshops all over India. Its reach is vast since the magazine is available at major libraries, museums, and research and educational institutions. Our readers include Indophiles, art dealers and connoisseurs, executives, scholars, architects, designers, and students.

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Advertising Rates
Full Page Rs. 28,000
Half Page Rs. 16,800
Inside Front Cover Rs. 48,000
Inside Back Cover Rs. 48,000
Double Spread Page Rs. 45,000
Back Cover Rs. 78,000