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Volume 69

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Volume 69 Number 1, September 2017

Volume 69 Number 1

India-France: Artistic Exchanges

Edited by:  Devika Singh

Price:   Rs 350 (INR) / $14 (USD)

India-France: Artistic Exchanges
Devika Singh

"Farenghi Paintings”: Cultural Exchanges between France and India, 1550–1850
Jean-Marie Lafont

Approaching India: French Fragments
Deepak Ananth

A Shifting Consideration of Louis Malle’s Phantom India: Then and Now
Shanay Jhaveri

A Savage Garden: The Paris Photographs of Umrao Singh Sher-Gil
Rakhee Balaram

Henri Cartier-Bresson in India
Portfolio selected and introduced byBeth Citron

André Malraux and India
Maël Renouard

Auroville: The Creation of a City
Aurélien Lemonier

Costumes and Collages
Christian Lacroix and Pascal Monteil

Alternative Conceptualism: Jean Bhownagary and Krishna Reddy in Paris
Sumesh Sharma

Portrait of a Paradox: Novera
Nada Raza

Exhibition Report: Indian Jewels Illuminate the Grand Palais
Julia Trouilloud

The images on the inside cover and pages 1–7 feature The Others, a photo project by Olivier Culmann.