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Volume 67

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Volume 67 Number 3, March 2016

Volume 67 Number 3

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Editorial Note
Monisha Ahmed


Icons and Identities: The Work and Lives of Bronzecasters in Swamimalai
Sowparnika Balaswaminathan

“Wherever a person lives, he ends up belonging there”: A Brief Anecdotal History of Upar Kot
Meher Ali

Invisible Identities, Uncertain Futures? Upholding the Cultural Heritage of Kolkata’s Chinatown
Kamalika Bose

Anurupa Roy of UNIMA and Sudip Gupta of Dolls Theatre with Mousumi Roy Chowdhury

Photo Essay
Laura Letinsky: Telephone Game: Photography and Textiles in Translation
Colin Westerbeck

The Conditions of Tibetan Monasteries in the 1930s and ‘40s as recorded by Giuseppe Tucci
Erberto Lo Bue

Review Article
Reflections on In the Name of the Goddess
Gayatri Sinha

Exhibition Review
The Fabric of India
Monisha Ahmed

Book Reviews
N.C. Mehta Collection, by Ratan Parimoo
Sunil Kothari

50 Years of the National Institute of Design 1961-2011, edited by Shilpa Das
Kirti Trivedi                                                                    

Books Received


The thematic advertisement portfolio
on the inside cover and pages 1-7 features
the Dara Shikoh Festival, Srinagar
Jyoti Singh