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Volume 64

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Volume 64 Number 4, June 2013

Volume 64 Number 4

100 Years of Bombay Cinema

Price:   Rs 330 (INR) / $12 (USD)

Editorial Note

Kaushik Bhaumik

Towards New Genealogies for the Histories of Bombay Cinema: The Career of Sagar Film Company (1929–40)
Virchand Dharamsey

On “Disreputable” Genres: B-Movies and Revisionary Histories of Bombay Cinema
Subhajit Chatterjee

The “Pirate” DJ
Vebhuti Duggal

100 Years of the Bombay Cinema Hero: A Brisk Review
Kaushik Bhaumik

Conversation Essay
Dance in Bombay Cinema
Nasreen Rehman with Farah Khan

The Politics of Re-Presentation: Distribution and Exhibition of Indian Cinema in Turkey
Ahmet Gürata

Photo Essay
Stitches for the Stars
Photographs and Text by Clare M. Wilkinson-Weber

Fourteen Stations
Atul Dodiya

Book Reviews
Kashmir Shawls: the Tapi Collection, by Steven Cohen, Rosemary Crill, Monique Lévi-Strauss, Jeffrey B. Spurr – Janet Rizvi

Books Received


Thematic Ad Portfolio 
The City and Cinema
Madhusree Dutta