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Volume 64

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Volume 64 Number 2, December 2012

Volume 64 Number 2

Crossovers: Heritage and Fusion in Goa

Edited by:  Savia Viegas

Price:   Rs 330 (INR) / $12 (USD)

Editorial Note 

Savia Viegas

Literature from the Konkan Coast

Writing on Goa
Maria Aurora Couto

Notes of a Native Son
Damodar Mauzo

The Sounds of Music: From Ghumott and Violin to Trance
Francisco C. Colaço

Destined Journeys: The Paintings of Angelo da Fonseca and Vamona Navelcar
Savia Viegas

Last Supper and Other Tales
Francis Newton Souza with Baiju Parthan

Photo Essay
Revisiting the Colonial Archive
Photographs by Souza & Paul, Text by Savia Viegas

Tiatr: Living in the Love of the Common People
Jose Lourenco

Clothes in Time: The Warp and the Weft
Wendell Rodricks

Into the Melting Pot
Fátima da Silva Gracias

Book Reviews
Cinema, Emergence, and the Films of Satyajit Ray by Keya Ganguly –
Kaushik Bhaumik

Ajanta – Monumental Legacy by Arvind P. Jamkhedkar –
Himanshu Prabha Ray


Thematic Ad Portfolio 
Goa Chitra: The Lone Archivist Victor Hugo Gomes
Savia Viegas