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The Story of Asia's Elephants

By:  Raman Sukumar

Price:   Rs 3500 (INR) / $82 (USD)
Binding:   Hardcover  
Specifications:   340 pages, 260 illustrations  
ISBN:   978-93-80581-10-1  
Dimensions:   280 x 215 mm

    This book is the first single volume to comprehensively cover the history of Asia's elephants, profusely illustrated with image of the elephant in art through the ages, offering new interpretations, and drawing upon a wide range of literary sources. The Story of Asia's Elephants is not an art history but an ecological and cultural history of the elephant from its ancient origins to its relationship with humans up until the present time.



    1. The Asian Elephant in Prehistory and Proto-History

    2. Elephants in Vedic and Epic Literature

    3. Elephant Armies and the Rise of Empire

    4. The Elephant Goes West

    5. The Elephant in the Buddhist and Jain World

    6. The Elephant in Hindu Culture

    7. Elephants in the Islamic Period

    8. The Elephant in Colonial Asia

    9. The Elephant in Independent Asia

    10. Ecology and Conservation of Asia's Elephants