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Picture of Art and Visual Culture in India 1857–2007


Art and Visual Culture in India 1857–2007

Edited by:  Gayatri Sinha

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Binding:   Hardcover  
Specifications:   336 pages, 232 illustrations  
ISBN:   978-81-85026-92-3  
Dimensions:   305 x 241 mm

    This volume brings together 19 seminal essays on India’s visual culture and its leading manifestations during the period 1857–2007. It traces the shifting role of the artist and art institution through cataclysmic changes in India’s history. With contributions by the foremost art writers, critics, and curators, this volume seeks to contextualize Indian art within the dynamic shifts of Indian social history. Over 200 illustrations provide a selective panorama of the visual arts in the last 150 years.

    Gayatri Sinha

    Indian Artists in the Colonial Period: The Case of Bombay
    Partha Mitter

    Material Fantasy: The Museum in Colonial India
    Kavita Singh

    The Colonial Project and the Shifting Gaze
    Sophie Gordon

    Mechanical Reproduction in India
    Christopher Pinney

    Abanindranath, Known and Unknown: The Artist versus the Art of His Times
    Tapati Guha-Thakurta

    Santiniketan: A Development in Three Movements
    R. Siva Kumar

    The 1930s: A Decade of Modernism
    Gayatri Sinha

    Artist Collectives in the Age of Anxiety, 1940-50
    Shukla Sawant

    Social Realism in the Visual Arts: "Man-Made" Famine and Political Ferment, Bengal 1943-46
    Sanjoy Mallik

    A House for Modernism: Art in its Institutional Aspects, 1950s and '60s
    Anshuman Das Gupta

    Modern Indian Sculpture
    Shivaji K. Panikkar

    City Lights, City Limits: Multimple Metaphors in Everyday Urbanism
    Roobina Karode and Shukla Sawant

    Modernity in the South: An Overview
    Ashrafi S. Bhagat

    Curating Culture, Curating Territory: Religio-Political Mobility in India
    Jyotindra Jain

    The Mahatma as Muse: An Image Essay on Gandhi in Popular Indian Visual Imagination
    Sumathi Ramaswamy

    Language of an Idealized Revolt: Sculptural Installation from the 1990s to the Present
    Deeksha Nath

    New Media Overtures before New Media Practice in India
    Nancy Adajania

    Performance in Photography: A Bridge between Ram Singh II of Jaipur and Contemporary Photographers
    Gayatri Sinha

    Gender Mobility: Through the Lens of Five Women Artists
    Geeta Kapur