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Cities of Kerala, actually small towns

Edited by:  Baiju Natarajan

Photographs by:  Ramu Aravindan

Price:   Rs 1800 (INR) / $49 (USD) Out of Print
Binding:   Hardcover  
Specifications:   160 pages, 120 illustrations  
ISBN:   978-81-85026-84-8  
Dimensions:   280 x 215 mm

    In Kerala, it is difficult to distinguish cities, towns, and villages. From Thiruvananthapuram in the south to Kannur in the north, it is one suburban stretch, at times village-like, at times city-like. As much as 75 per cent of Keralites continue to reside in villages which are fast becoming urban. This book depicts present-day life in nine major cities and towns of Kerala through essays, specially taken photographs, and sketches. Most of the writers are Keralites and have brought out the very urban, semi-urban, semi-rural mix that is as much a part of the Kerala landscape as its coastline, forests, and plantations.

    Pratapaditya Pal

    Baiju Natarajan

    Thiruvananthapuram / City of a Horizontal God
    Paul Zacharia

    Kollam / Urbanization in Tourism’s Own Landscape
    Annapurna Garimella

    Alleppey / A Hidden Fortress Made of Water
    Baiju Natarajan

    Kottayam / The Hills Are Moist
    C.R. Omanakuttan

    Kochi / The Other City
    T.V. Sajeev

    Thrissur / Round and Around the town
    Nalini Jameela

    Palakkad / Some Threads Including the Sacred
    E.P. Unny

    Kozhikode / Yesterday and Today
    M.G.S. Narayanan

    Kannur / Monumental, Monolithic
    Dileep Raj and Reshma Bharadwaj