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Mills for Sale - The Way Ahead

Edited by:  Darryl D’Monte

Price:   Rs 100 (INR) / $3 (USD)
Binding:   softcover  
Specifications:   144 pages, 110 illustrations  
ISBN:   978-81-85026-77-0  
Dimensions:   215 x 232 mm

    Like many other controversial urban development issues, the matter of sale of land belonging to cotton mills in Mumbai refuses to fade away. The book is a compilation of essays by those most intimately connected with the issue – architects, planners, environmentalists, public interest litigants, activists, lawyers, and historians. It is embellished by photographs, both contemporary and archival, as well as by drawings and extracts of reports on the mills. The book details how a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to plan these 600 acres holistically has been lost, due to the greed of mill owners and builders, often indistinguishable these days. As a consequence, Mumbai is reeling under the lowest proportion of open space of any city in the world.



    Recycling Urban Land
    Charles Correa

    Public vs Private: The Legal Battle
    Jamsheed Kanga

    What the Bombay High Court Ruled: Excerpts from the Judgement
    Redeveloping Mill Land: Spatial Planning Responses and Lessons Learnt
    Vidyadhar K. Phatak

    Post-Planning in Mumbai
    Rahul Mehrotra

    List of 58 Cotton Textile Mills, Status as of September 2006

    Past Times: Layers of History and Culture
    Sharada Dwivedi

    Mumbai’s Industrial Landscape
    Neera Adarkar

    Saving the Heritage of the Mills
    Shiraz Rustomjee

    The Lost Century for Workers
    Neera Adarkar