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Urban Patua

The Art of Jamini Roy

By:  Sona Datta

Price:   Rs (INR) / $ (USD) Out of Print
Binding:   Hardcover  
Specifications:   100 pages 100 illustrations  
ISBN:   978-93-80581-03-3  
Dimensions:   216 x 230 mm

    This book explores the transformation of Bengal folk art in the paintings of Jamini Roy and considers how the folk idiom met his bid for aesthetic independence; if Jamini Roy defined himself by forging a new trajectory for modern art in India, one is required to ask: what is modern about his art, and what is Indian about it? The questions of self-definition and identity thus form a continuous theme throughout this work.


    A Collector’s Perspective: Foreword by Nirmalya Kumar


    1. Setting the Scene

    2. Modern Indian Art in the Making

    3. Jamini Roy and the Folk Art Paradigm

    4. Urban Patua

    Conclusion: The Making of “Jamini Roy”