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Volume 56 Number 3, March 2005

The Idea of Delhi

Edited by:  Romi Khosla

Photographs by:  Nitin Rai

Price:   Rs 2500 (INR) / $66 (USD)
Binding:   Hardcover  
Specifications:   132 pages, 116 illustrations  
ISBN:   81-85026-69-6  
Dimensions:   305 x 241 mm

    This book is about how Delhi has been imagined by those who have determined its pattern of urbanization. One idea that has appeared almost continually in its history is imaging it as a capital city. This idea has been linked not only to the pragmatic reasons of portraying power through its layout and architecture but to abstract ideals about placing this city as a symbol of power in a paradise garden and in British times, in a garden. Inevitably, ideas when they get implemented undergo change and in many cases remain unfulfilled. The chapters explore these ideas, and also cover post-independence Delhi.

    Romi Khosla is a well known architect who runs the Romi Khosla Design Studios in Delhi. He has designed major building projects in India as well as Planned Urban Projects for the United Nations in the Balkans, Cyprus, and China. 

    The City as an Idea
    Romi Khosla

    Rambling through Some of the Pasts of Delhi
    Romila Thapar

    The Delhi that Once Was
    Akhilesh Mithal

    Glory of Empire: Imperial Delhi
    Romi Khosla

    Claiming Community through Narratives: Punjabi Refugees in Delhi
    Ravinder Kaur

    The DDA and the Idea of Delhi
    Suneeta Dasappa Kacker

    The Idea of a New Chic Delhi through Publicity Hype
    Veronique Dupont

    Mapping Delhi
    S.M. Chadha

    Roaming through Delhi
    Nitin Rai