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Picture of India – A Pageant of Prints (Reprint 2006)

Volume 41 Number 1, September 1989

India – A Pageant of Prints (Reprint 2006)

Edited by:  Pauline Rohatgi, Pheroza Godrej

Price:   Rs 3000 (INR) / $75 (USD)
Binding:   Hardcover  
ISBN:   81-85026-08-4  
Dimensions:   324 x 241 mm

    This volume covers a wide range of interesting subjects, architecture, landscape, flora and fauna, people, costumes, and customs, to mention only a few. They convey the tremendous pictorial richness of prints, engravings, and lithographs relating to India which had a wide market in 18th–19th-century British India.

    Pauline Rohatgi and Pheroza Godrej

    The Peoples of India
    Mildred Archer

    A Floral Paradise
    Ray Desmond

    William Hodges and the Daniells at Agra
    Pauline Rohatgi

    The Tipu Mania: Narrative Sketches of the Conquest of Mysore
    Anne Buddle

    The Travels of Henry Salt and Lord Valentia in India
    Pheroza Godrej

    Early European Images of the East
    John Correia-Afonso, S.J.

    Elephanta and Salsette Illustrated: Early Archaeological Studies in Western India
    Susan Gole

    The Beginnings of Printing in Bombay
    Graham Shaw

    The Beginning of Lithographic Map Printing in Calcutta
    Andrew S. Cook

    Sir Charles D’oyly’s Lithographic Press and his Indian Assistants
    Jeremiah P. Losty

    A Bountiful Ark
    Ray Desmond

    Amateur Artists in Western India: James Forbes and Robert Melville Grindlay
    Pauline Rohatgi

    Eating Habits of the British in India
    Shalini Devi Holkar

    Some Monuments of Old Madras
    S. Muthiah and Pauline Rohatgi

    A Gallery of Governors-General
    Pheroza Godrej