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Picture of Jannat

Volume 63 Number 4, June 2012


Paradise in Islamic Art

Edited by:  Mumtaz Currim

Price:   Rs 2800 (INR) / $68 (USD)
Binding:   Hardcover  
Specifications:   144 pages, 120 illustrations  
ISBN:   978-81-921106-2-2  
Dimensions:   305 x 241 mm

    Paradise is reflected in Islamic art and culture in distinctive ways with remarkable ideological continuity in the Muslim world. Related to eschatological and cosmological beliefs, its representations in Islamic art have evolved from descriptions of paradise and the cosmos in the Quran and early Islamic texts where paradise is seen as a maqam, abode or station, of everlasting peace, beauty, and bliss, without fear or fatigue. The term used to describe paradise often is jannat, or gardens.
              This volume on Jannat in Islamic art celebrates earthly majesty to touch upon the mystery of the divine, presenting both renowned and lesser known images of paradise from the Indian subcontinent. It includes expressions in calligraphy and monumental inscriptions, landscaped gardens, chahar bagh mausoleums, mystic invocations, Dakhani romance, journey through the heavens in Persian verse, community hymns, and popular art. Concentrating on a theme not dwelt upon at length before, the writers here present an important contribution in the listing of Islamic art and culture and the Islamic presence in India. 

    Mumtaz Currim, the guest editor of this volume, is an independent scholar who lectures and writes on Islam in India to underline its intellectual, religious, and artistic traditions. She co-edited the Marg volume Dargahs: Abodes of the Saints (2004, reprinted 2011) with George Michell, and has been researcher for his volume on Mughal style. She is a visiting lecturer in the History of Indian Aesthetics, Islamic period, at the University of Mumbai. 

    Mumtaz Currim

    Handwritten Qurans from Salar Jung Museum
    Calligraphic Art by Salva Rasool

    Islamic Cosmology and Paradise
    M.Z.A. Shakeb

    "Enter Thou My Paradise": The Significance of Funerary Inscriptions
    Mumtaz Currim

    Imagining Paradise: The Legacy of Mughal Gardens
    Azim Nanji

    Paradise, Sovereignty, and Aesthetics under the Great Mughals
    Philippa Vaughan

    Supplying Water to Deccani Paradises, 1350-1650
    Klaus Rötzer

    A Woven Paradise: The Great Garden Carpet of Jaipur
    Syamali Das

    Jannatpuri: Text and Context
    Hussain S. Jasani

    Gulshan-i Ishq: Nusrati's Gardens of Love
    Ali Akbar Husain

    Javid Nama: Iqbal's Heavenly Journey
    Syed Khalid Qadri

    Jannat ki Rail: Images of Paradise in India's Muslim Popular Culture
    Yousuf Saeed