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Volume 59

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Volume 59 Number 3, March 2008

Volume 59 Number 3

Caves of Kizil

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From the General Editor’s Desk 

Maitreya in Literature and in the Art of Xinjiang
Marianne Yaldiz

The Ceiling Murals of Kizil as a Symbol of the Buddhist Universe
Miao Lihui

Uncovering Histories: Iconic and not so Iconic Images and their Little-known Authors
Sabeena Gadihoke

A Delhi Nabob’s Pursuit of Leisure: The Transformation of Built Heritage into a Pleasure Retreat
Jyoti P. Sharma

Geet Govinda: Paintings in Kanheri Style by Narmada Prasad Upadhyaya
Kapila Vatsyayan


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