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Volume 60

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Volume 60 Number 2, December 2008

Volume 60 Number 2

Port Cities

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The Mughal Port Cities of Surat and Hugli
Farhat Hasan

Mapping the Landscape of Pondicherry in the 17th Century
S. Jeyaseela Stephen

Of Merchants, Monarchs, and Monks: An 18th-century Patolu Re-examined
Shilpa Shah

The Toddler Saint of Tamil Nadu
Pratapaditya Pal

Dancing in the Dark: Robert Heinecken’s Manifestations of Shiva
Colin Westerbeck

Exhibition Reviews
A Man of the People: the Artist Ramkinkar Baij, by Naman Ahuja – Partha Mitter
Jagat Singh’s Ramayana – Neeraja Poddar


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