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Volume 62

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Volume 62 Number 4, June 2011

Volume 62 Number 4

Framing Women: Gender in the Colonial Archive

Edited by:  Niharika Dinkar

Price:   Rs 330 (INR) / $12 (USD)

Editorial Note

Framing Women: Gender and Modernity in Colonial India
Niharika Dinkar

Staging the Self: Photographic Representations of Benodini Dasi

Swati Chattopadhyay

Photographing the Feminine
Suryanandini Narain

Orientalizing Gender, Sexuality, and Identity: Photographs of the Seventh Nizam’s Zenana
Gianna Carotenuto

Letter from an Unknown Woman: The Film Actress in Late Colonial Bombay
Debashree Mukherjee

Photo Feature
Reform and Sartorial Styles in 19th-century Bengal

Malavika Karlekar

Rang Rasiya: Conversation with Ketan Mehta

Niharika Dinkar

Amrita Sher-Gil: Two Girls, 1939

Latika Gupta

Setting Gender Roles in Early Indian Print Advertisements

Yousuf Saeed

Sidelines: The Courtesans of Lucknow

Veena Talwar Oldenburg

Book Reviews
Amrita Sher-Gil: A Self-Portrait in Letters & Writings edited by Vivan Sundaram
Sasha Altaf

Feminine Beauty in Indian Art and Literature by T.N. Mishra
Indira S. Aiyar

Wanted Cultured Ladies Only! Female Stardom and Cinema in India, 1930s–1950s by Neepa Majumdar
Debashree Mukherjee

Revisiting Marg: From Marg Vol. 14, No. 1, 1960: Images of India

Thematic Ad Portfolio
Images of Women in Early Indian Cinema: An Archive
C.S. Lakshmi