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Volume 63

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Volume 63 Number 2, December 2011

Volume 63 Number 2

Visuality of Indian Rituals

Edited by:  Corinna Wessels-Mevissen

Price:   Rs 330 (INR) / $12 (USD)

Editorial Note

Corinna Wessels-Mevissen

Visualizing the Gods
Gilles Tarabout
with a brief note on The Bhagavathi Kalam
by Pepita Seth

The Buddha Revisited: Ritualizing and Visualizing Sacred Places
Karel R. van Kooij

Bhadramandalas: Invoking Divinities in Smarta Ritual
Gudrun Bühneman

Jhanki: Ritual Visualization of Hindu Deities in Himachal Pradesh
Brigitte Luchesi

Chandeshvara, the “Fierce Lord”: Guardian of Temples, Eater of Offerings, Chastiser of Transgressions
Dominic Goodall

ShilaShilpaDevata: Invoking the Divine in South Indian Sculpture
Parul Pandya Dhar

Photo Essay
The Divine Play on Earth: The Sirha Tradition of Orissa
Cornelia Mallebrein

Rite and Representation: Recent Discoveries of Pallava Goddesses of the Tamil Land
Charlotte Schmid

Book Reviews
Woven Masterpieces of Sikh Heritage: The Stylistic Development of the Kashmir Shawl under Maharaja Ranjit Singh, 1780-1839, by Frank Ames
Janet Rizvi

Konarka: Chariot of the Sun-God, photographs: Oki Morihiro, text: Bettina Baumer and M.A. Konishi
Indira S. Aiyar

Treasures of the Albert Hall Museum, Jaipur and Museums of Rajasthan, both edited by Chandramani SingH
Pramod Kumar K.G.

Revisiting Marg: From Marg Vol.7, No.1, December 1953: Some Terracotta Figurines from Tribal Gujerat 
by Pupul Jayakar

Thematic ads and front gatefold
Photographs by Günter Heil