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Volume 61 Number 3, March 2010

Silent Splendour

Palaces of the Deccan, 14th–19th centuries (Reprint 2011)

Edited by:  Helen Philon

Photographs by:  Clare Arni

Price:   Rs 2500 (INR) / $68 (USD)
Binding:   Hardcover  
Specifications:   148 pages, 118 illustrations  
ISBN:   978-81-85026-96-1  
Dimensions:   305 x 241 mm

    This book examines the private and ceremonial structures found in the principal dynastic capitals and administrative centres of the Deccan during the 14th–19th centuries. The Indo-Islamic courtly cultures of the different dynasties that ruled the Deccan, with their surrounding garden areas and water resources, have been considered as one entity for the first time. The authors provide much new data and interpretations based on recent research.

    Helen Philon
    , founder and former curator of the Department of Islamic Art at the Benaki Museum, Athens, is a freelance Islamic art historian.


    Pratapaditya Pal

    Background Note
    George Michell


    Klaus Rötzer

    Helen Philon

    Klaus Rötzer

    Daulatabad, Gulbarga, Firuzabad, and Sagar under the Early Bahmanis (1347–1422)
    Helen Philon

    Bidar under the Later Bahmanis and Baridis (1432–1619)
    Helen Philon

    Ahmadnagar under the Nizam Shahis (1496–1636)
    Pushkar Sohoni

    Bijapur under the Adil Shahis (1490–1686)
    Mark Brand

    Golconda and Hyderabad under the Qutb Shahis (1495–1687)
    Marika Sardar

    Daulatabad and Aurangabad under the Mughals (1660–1707)
    George Michell

    Hyderabad under the Asaf Jahis (1724–1950)
    Alison Mackenzie Shah

    Hydraulic Works and Gardens
    Klaus Rötzer

    Architectural Decoration
    Helen Philon

    Klaus Rötzer