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Picture of The Performing Arts

Volume 34 Number 3, June 1982

The Performing Arts

Edited by:  Saryu Doshi

Price:   Rs 3500 (INR) / $82 (USD)
Binding:   Hardcover  
Dimensions:   324 x 241 mm

    The field of Indian performing arts is vast and complex, the numerous styles manifesting themselves at many levels. Several of these expressions, however, tend to be esoteric, remaining virtually unknown outside their own milieu. Fortunately the past few decades have witnessed a renewed interest in these art forms all over India. Serious attempts are being made to preserve them and to give them a wider exposure within the country as well as outside it. This volume presents varied arid lesser-known aspects of the Indian performing arts. Erudite texts discuss Bharata Natyam, the martial art of Manipur, and the process of diffusion of the Gita-Govinda, the ‘Indian Song of Songs’. There are articles on Kalaripayattu of Kerala, supposedly the predecessor of karate, Theyyam and Bhuta, ritual dances of the south, and the Chaitra Parva rituals and Chhau dances of Bihar and Orissa. A focus on western India reveals the diverse folk performances including the Chitrakathis or picture-narrators of Maharashtra. The volume concludes with a portfolio on Indian folk and tribal dances.

    Saryu Doshi

    The Performing Arts - A Definition
    Narayana Menon

    Gita Govinda - The Processes of Diffusion
    Kapila Vatsyayan

    Bharata Natyam
    T. Balasaraswati

    Kalaripayattu of Kerala
    G. Sankara Pillai

    Martial Arts of Manipur
    E. Nilakanta Singh

    Gods and Ghosts - Teyyam and Bhuta Rituals
    Balan Nambiar

    Chaitra Parva Rituals - Chhau Dances
    Mohan Khokar

    Indian Theatre Today - Grappling with New Realities
    Kumud Mehta

    Chitrakathi Tradition of Pinguli
    Baburao Sadwelkar

    Folk Performances of Maharashtra
    Ashok G. Paranjpe and D. Nadkarni

    Indian Folk and Tribal Dances
    Czaee Daftary


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