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Picture of Homage to Shravana Belgola

Volume 33 Number 3, March 1981

Homage to Shravana Belgola

Edited by:  Saryu Doshi

Price:   Rs 4000 (INR) / $90 (USD)
Binding:   Hardcover  
Dimensions:   324 x 241 mm

    Atop a boulder-strewn hill in Karnataka is the world’s highest free-standing statue – the colossus of Lord Gommateshvara. Completed in 981 CE, this monolithic figure celebrated its 1000th anniversary in 1981. To commemorate the event Marg published this volume which focuses on the story of Bahubali and the creation of the colossus at this ancient Jain pilgrimage site. Other articles narrate the sculptural, architectural, and artistic treasures at Shravana Belgola, the great centre of Jain culture in the Deccan.

    The Lapsing of the Jina as the Source of the Living Force of the Images in Jain Art
    Mulk Raj Anand

    The Pilgrim’s Path at Shravana Belgola
    Saryu Doshi

    The Three Jewels of Jain Philosophy
    T.G. Kalghatgi

    The Legend of Bahubali: Quintessence of Quest and Conquest
    L.C. Jain

    Shravana Belgola in Legend and History
    L.K. Srinivasan

    The Ritual of the Bath in Jainism
    Jyotindra Jain

    The Mahamastakabhisheka
    Vilas Sanghave

    The Temples and Monuments of Shravana Belgola
    Robert J. Del Bonta

    The Art Treasures of Shravana Belgola
    Saryu Doshi

    Jain Inscriptions
    Shrinivas Ritti

    Nishidhi Stones and the Ritual of Sallekhana
    A. Sundara

    Jain Metal Images from the Deccan - Karnataka
    S.V. Gorakshkar

    Yakshagana and its Relevance to JainismD. Veerendra Heggade