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Upcoming Book - Sept 2017

28 Jun 2017
Delhiā€™s Qutb Complex, the Minaret, Mosque and Mehrauli

Delhi’s Qutb Complex, the Minaret, Mosque and Mehrauli
by Catherine Asher

The Qutb complex is one of Delhi’s major tourist attractions and the Qutb Minar is often used as an iconic emblem representing the city. Yet aside from scholarly essays and largely descriptive books on the site, there has been little attempt to write an accessible analysis of the site’s monuments, patrons, inscriptions and history. This book will examine not only the site as it was developed in the early Sultanate period, but also probe its life prior to the establishment of Muslim rule in the late 12th century and then again after the period of Sultanate patronage of the site up to the present. This study will show that over time the complex remained considerably more significant in meaning than is generally believed. The surrounding urban area including dargahs, temples, mosques, tombs and water sources will be studied as well especially in terms of their relation to the core mosque and minaret.