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Purva Uttara: Past Forward DVD 2

Price: Rs 299 (INR) / $10 (USD)

In this series, eight of India’s most spectacular sites – Sanchi, Konarak, Mamallapuram, Vijayanagara, Delhi, the Taj Mahal, Mewar, and Goa – are examined in a thought provoking manner in the context of the history of the time and the socio-economic milieu. The approach may best be summed up as “Art and the History of Ideas”. DVD 1 contains Mamallapuram: A Riddle in the Sands, Vijayanagara: Where Kings and Gods MeetSanchi: Monument of the People and Konarak: Chariot of the Sun.

Vidya Dehejia
Valerie M. Shepherd
Shyam Benegal
Vanraj Bhatia
Production Advisor
Shama Habibullah
Duration of Each Film
23 1/2 minutes