Volume 56 Number 4

June 2005

Mulk Raj Anand: Shaping the Indian Modern

Edited by: Annapurna Garimella
ISBN: 81-85026-70-X

Volume 56 Number 3

March 2005

The Idea of Delhi

Edited by: Romi Khosla
ISBN: 81-85026-69-6
Out of Print

Volume 56 Number 2

December 2004

Nepal: Old Images, New Insights

Edited by: Pratapaditya Pal
ISBN: 81-85026-68-8
Out of Print

Volume 56 Number 1

September 2004

Dargahs: Abodes of the Saints (Reprint 2011)

Edited by: Mumtaz Currim, George Michell
ISBN: 81-85026-65-3
Out of Print