Volume 65 Number 2

December 2013

Murshidabad: Forgotten Capital of Bengal

Edited by: Neeta Das, Rosie Llewellyn-Jones
ISBN: 978-81-921106-9-1

Volume 65 Number 1

September 2013

Shekhawati: Havelis of the Merchant Princes

Edited by: Abha Narain Lambah
ISBN: 978-81-921106-8-4
Out of Print

Volume 64 Number 4

June 2013

Living Rock: Buddhist, Hindu and Jain Cave Temples in the Western Deccan

Edited by: Pia Brancaccio
ISBN: 978-81-921106-7-7

Volume 64 Number 3

March 2013

Sattriya: Classical Dance of Assam

Edited by: Sunil Kothari
ISBN: 978-81-921106-6-0

Volume 64 Number 2

December 2012

Wonders of Nature: Ustad Mansur at the Mughal Court

By: Asok Kumar Das
ISBN: 978-81-921106-5-3

Volume 64 Number 1

September 2012

Kanara, A Land Apart: The Artistic Heritage of Coastal Karnataka

Edited by: George Michell
ISBN: 978-81-921106-3-9

Volume 63 Number 4

June 2012

Jannat: Paradise in Islamic Art

Edited by: Mumtaz Currim
ISBN: 978-81-921106-2-2

Volume 63 Number 3

March 2012

Orchha and Beyond: Design at the Court of Raja Bir Singh Dev Bundela

By: Edward Leland Rothfarb
ISBN: 978-81-921106-1-5

Volume 63 Number 2

December 2011

Ahmedabad 600: Portraits of a City

Edited by: Suchitra Balasubrahmanyan, Sharmila Sagara
ISBN: 978-81-921106-0-8

Volume 63 Number 1

September 2011

Nepal: Nostalgia and Modernity

Edited by: Deepak Shimkhada
ISBN: 978-93-80581-08-8

Volume 62 Number 4

June 2011

The Elegant Image: Bronzes from the Indian Subcontinent in the Siddharth K. Bhansali Collection

By: Pratapaditya Pal
ISBN: 978-93-80581-07-1
Out of Print

Volume 62 Number 3

March 2011

Something Old, Something New: Rabindranath Tagore 150th Birth Anniversary Volume

Edited by: Pratapaditya Pal
ISBN: 978-93-80581-05-7
Out of Print

Volume 62 Number 2

December 2010

Wonders of Lo: The Artistic Heritage of Mustang

Edited by: Erberto Lo Bue
ISBN: 978-93-80581-02-6
Out of Print

Volume 62 Number 1

September 2010

The Great Temple at Thanjavur: One Thousand Years, 1010–2010 (Reprint 2017)

By: George Michell, Indira V. Peterson
ISBN: 978-93-80581-01-9

Volume 61 Number 4

June 2010

Lahore: Paintings, Murals, and Calligraphy

Edited by: Barbara Schmitz
ISBN: 978-82-85026-97-8

Volume 61 Number 3

March 2010

Silent Splendour: Palaces of the Deccan, 14th–19th centuries (Reprint 2011)

Edited by: Helen Philon
ISBN: 978-81-85026-96-1